"I didn't realize I was nagging..."

Posted by Steph Whitley on 11/11/2019

When I taught a Bible study one of the girls shared “I didn’t realize I was nagging my husband”. And I think that’s true for a lot of us... we lack awareness that we are nagging. I didn’t come into my marriage as a nag but if I’m not careful I can start to go down that path. 

So what is nagging? 
-when someone is quick to complain and quick to find fault. 
-when someone is quick to voice their opinions or quick to be argumentative.  
-when someone continuously makes repeated requests in order to control.

And the truth is we can’t nag someone into lasting change. Prayer is our greatest tool for change. 

Prayers for wives: God help me...
-to be aware of any nagging tendencies. 
-to speak words of encouragement.
-to be a pursuer of peace; agreeable.
-to be an extender of grace & love.
-to be slow to complain and slow to find fault. 
-to look for the best in our marriage and our circumstances. Amen.

If we need to discuss an issue with our husbands, let’s pray for the words and pray for the timing. 

Need extra prayers for your marriage comment below or msg us. 

Hugs, Steph

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