I'm Not Going to Worry

Posted by Steph Whitley on 07/10/2020
Is your heart anxious? I’ve been there far too often. Recently, I found my mind racing from one worry to the next. One worry would be resolved and then I would start worrying about the next thing. Goodness!

I finally had had enough and I said out loud in my car “I am not going to worry about this anymore”. It felt like a burden was lifted. And it helped me to place it once again in God’s skillful hands.

Over the years I have collected some tools to help me to manage my anxious heart. Maybe one of these will help you?

1/I remind myself that my mind is a battlefield and that I need to “do battle” with my thoughts.
2/When I catch myself rehearsing my worries over and over, I try to pause and shift to prayer mode.
3/When I am anxious, it helps me to remind my heart of God’s goodness, love and care for me.
4/Then I invite His power into my circumstances. I tell the Lord, “You are is strong and mighty and all powerful. This is not too hard for.”
5/And then I whisper “God I place this in Your skilled and loving and good hands. You are faithful. I trust You.”

If you need extra prayers today, let us know. Feel free to share what helps you with worry or anxiety. And please remember You are seen and You are loved. Hugs, Steph

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