Intentional Family Time

Posted by Steph Whitley on 04/14/2020

I love getting a little quiet in before the craziness of the day begins. I love drinking my two cups of coffee and connecting with the Lord. Even though I have a quiet space most mornings, I’m struggling as I attempt to connect with the Lord. My mind is distracted and wandering. 

Not only am I struggling to connect with God, if Ben and I aren’t careful, days can pass us by without real connection with one another or with our four boys. 

Ben and I are realizing that we need to be a little more intentional with our connections. I’ll share three things that are helping us and then I’d love for you to share too.

1/ I have found that laying my phone on the counter helps me as I attempt to connect with God. I’m camping out in the Psalms to keep my heart encouraged. Journaling and rereading the passage is helping me. 

2/ Ben and I are attempting to take walks almost every evening so that we can chat and give each another our undivided attention. At home, we can be in the same room and not actually connect. 

3/ We are making a plan with the boys ahead of time to connect as family whether it’s a playing game of football or kick ball or watching a show. Not every day but often. Otherwise days could pass us by without real connection.

Some of you have little kids and some of you are empty nesters. Share what is working for you to connect with the Lord, your spouse or your children. We can learn from each other. šŸ’›

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