It's Ok to Say No

Posted by Steph Whitley on 10/02/2019

This post is written for the mom who has preschool/elementary school aged children. It is great to expose our children to different activities when they are younger, but if your family's schedule feels out of control...

-It's okay to make some adjustments so that you have more family time.
-It's okay to put a limit to your after-school activities.
-It's okay to have your children take turns withtheir activities each semester.
-It's okay to even take a season off for more family time or traveling.

With our four boys, we learned they really only needed to find their niche by high school. And their niche does not have to be a sport. It can be art, band or even youth group. 

You will figure out the rhythm for your family. And we will be cheering you on!

God, help us to guard our family schedule. Help us to be mindful of each commitment we add to our calendar. Also, if we are feeling overwhelmed or too busy, help us to make adjustments. Amen. Hugs to you all. Steph

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