Jesus Led a Prayer-Filled Life

Posted by Steph Whitley on 10/16/2019

Jesus knew the importance of prayer and made it a priority. He led a "prayer-filled" life.

I bet most of you are praying and trusting God with something in your life. I know I am.

Our enemy wants to keep us from prayer by keeping us busy or distracted.
Our enemy wants to discourage us with prayer by using lies such as "God has forgotten you" or "God doesn't care".

Our prayers matter.
Our prayers are powerful.
Our prayers invite God's power into our circumstances.

God, help us to make prayer a priority. Help us to keep persisting in prayer even when we don't see evidence of our prayers being answered. Help us to live a prayer-filled life. Amen.  

This photo is taken from our Bible Study "Jesus Our Perfect Example". It's availabe in our Keepers Shop (

If you need prayer today, let us know. We have a team that prays. Hugs, Steph

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