Keeping Joy in December

Posted by Steph Whitley on 11/23/2018

Sometimes December can feel like a blur. It's a busy time of year with endless errands and activities.

When my children were younger, I think I strived to create the "picture perfect Christmas". I would fill our calendar with crafts, activities, outings and etc. And by the time Christmas had arrived, I was worn out. 

And if I am not careful, I can still cram too much into December. Here are a few reminders for me and maybe you for this season...

~May we let go of unrealistic expecations and find a few meaningful traditions for our families.
~May we let go of overextended calendars and guard our schedules in December.
~May we keep holding onto peace & joy and may we keep drawing our thoughts back to true perfection...Jesus Christ. Hugs, Steph Whitley

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