Ladies, We Need Each Other

Posted by Lori Merrill on 05/22/2019


It has taken a whole lot of years and some major events in my life for me to realize just how much I need a strong community of women surrounding me. I’ve always known that we, as Christians, have a responsibility to connect with others and be a part of a Life Group, a Community Group or fellowship of believers. And honestly, we always have been, except for those few times of transition in our lives. 

However, in the last few years I find myself wanting, but also NEEDING, women in my life with whom I can experience a connection. I don’t desire surface friendships, but deep friendships with others. Anyone else with me on this? 

I have come to believe that women need women because of the connection we provide to one another. God made us unique in the way we have the ability to connect with others and quickly get to the deep, nitty-gritty of life. Friendship is a gift from God. 

Lord, I pray:
•You help me to be available and vulnerable enough to make friendships of depth. 
•You place godly women in my life for me to have treasured friendships with. 
•Teach me how to connect & value these godly women. 
•Help me to always have You, as my priority Friend, first and foremost. 

A friend loves at all times...Proverbs 17:17

Lori Merrill

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