Learning from Hannah

Posted by Steph Whitley on 03/24/2020

Yesterday, I took a longer look at Hannah in the OT. I learned a few things by looking at how Hannah handled her trial. 

Hannah recognized God’s power and greatness.
Hannah asked God to take action on her behalf.
Hannah poured her heart out to God and then her countenance changed. 

God in our hard places help us to...
-keep reminding our hearts of Your greatness. You are strong and mighty and nothing is too hard for You. 
-keep persisting in prayer and asking You to come to our aid and to take action on our behalf.
-keep pouring our hearts to You and processing our struggles and disappointments with You. 

God, thank You for being a trusted friend to us. We love You, Lord. Amen. 

Need extra prayers, let us know. We have Christian resources available @KeepersMinistry.com 

Hugs, Steph

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