Let Us Help You Prioritize So Lives Can Be Transformed!

Posted by Lori Merrill & Leigh Ann Hudson on 01/10/2018


Imagine with me a moment…What would your life look like if you passionately pursued God’s purposes and priorities?

  • What impact would this have on your family?
    • Group of friends?
    • Workplace?
  • What would your church look like with members consistently living out Scriptural priorities?
    • Your community?
    • Schools?
    • The world?

Well, you don’t have to imagine this because you can do it and experience it. God is faithful to transform lives as we seek Him first in our lives! And TODAY is the perfect day to begin, or start again, or get back on track.

  • Do you struggle with knowing your priorities?
  • Do you have difficulty keeping your priorities?
  • Did you know the Called to be a Keeper Bible study helps you to understand God's specific priorities for women?
  • Plus, the study includes practical & daily tips on how to live them out!

We also have CTBAK Scripture Card Sets that help you memorize the key verses in the study. Plus, our Keepers Journal to help you track prayer requests, praises, and thoughts along your journey.

And did you know you can purchase either DVD's OR live streaming for your Titus 2 and Skill Session videos in our Complete Set? More options to best suit your groups technology needs. 

Make the Called to be a Keeper Bible Study a priority so you know your Biblical priorities!

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”  Matthew 6:11

**Have you registered for our upcoming Keepers Connection on January 25th? Our guest speaker Irene Delano will show us how to share God's love through gift giving. You can read more and register in our Keepers Shop.


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