Living in Contentment

Posted by Steph Whitley on 10/02/2019

When we moved to the desert, things were harder for longer than I anticipated and I had a season of discontentment. I had to learn how to fight for a contented heart even though my circumstances didn't change for a while.

We just moved again over the summer and there are gifts here, but there are also challenges and strugges. But this time, I know how to cultivate a contented heart even though there are hard things.

And the truth is all of us can write down our positives or negatives regarding our circumstances. We will cultivate a heart of contentment 
-when we keep looking for the positives day by day.
-when we keep giving God our worries/struggles in prayer.
-when we keep trusting that God is at work in our circumstances.

Maybe you are feeling a little discontent with your circumstances or even your marriage? Attempt to find time to do this activity and then look for ten positives each day. This will put you on the path to fighting for contentment.

Are you struggling today? We would love to pray for you. Message us or comment. Hugs, Steph

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