Lord, Help Me Not Interfere

Posted by Lori Merrill on 07/29/2019

As parents, it’s so easy to want to rescue our children from difficulty. And the primary reason we want to “fix” their issues is because of our love for them and that’s not a bad thing. Admittedly, it is hard for us to watch them “suffer” through hard times. However, I want to challenge your thinking just a bit concerning this topic. Please hear my heart in this. 

Whatever our children go through, whether self-inflicted, other-inflicted or an injustice, be very prayerful of WHEN and HOW to get involved. God has a purpose in everything—for them and possibly for us, as parents. So we really need to pray before we step in to “rescue” our children. Whether this be with teachers, friends, coaches or even family. Our kiddos and young adults need to learn how to seek God for answers, work out issues with others and experience consequences of their own actions. Yes, you are a good parent for NOT “fixing” their problems. I promise! 

So here are some suggestions to consider: 
1. God is sovereign and this did not take Him by surprise. 
2. Seek God for wisdom for you and your child. 
3. Trust God and ask Him to teach both of you through the situation. 
4. Pray with your child about all these truths and have conversations about how they could/should handle this. 
5. Pray for all people involved—especially for those that seem like enemies. 
6. Pray for God’s timing—for you as a parent to know when and if to get involved. 
7. Most importantly—Remember when you rescue your children from life situations then you may be stunting the opportunity for God to grow their character! This affects everyone! 

Friend, God will guide you when to and when not to, and how to and how not to! May we be seeking Moms who love our God more than we love our children! 

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.” Matthew‬ ‭6:33‬

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