Lord, Renew My Strength

Posted by Steph Whitley on 12/15/2020
When I was walking through years of having a health issue, I would have discouraging days and I learned to lean on and pray the Psalms. In our toughest stretches, the Psalms can be one of our greatest sources of hope and strength. Wouldn’t you agree?
If you are in a challenging season.....
🌲I want to encourage you to read a Psalm or two each day. Look for who God is. Look for comfort. Look for verses to pray back to God.
🌲I want to encourage you to reach out to someone and share your hard. And I want you to be brave and reach out to a counselor if you need to.
🌲I want to encourage you by telling you... You are seen, You are so loved. God is working. God is all powerful. Nothing is too hard for Him.
Need extra prayers, msg us!
*side note... I had my health condition for over twenty years. There were days when I gave up hope on being healed. And then the Lord guided me to nutrition to help me manage my health.
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