Make Your Own "Fruit of the Spirit" Tree

Posted by Debbs Hammett on 04/02/2013
I admit it. I need reminders! Whether it's my age or the busyness of my days, my memory seems to be slipping. Don't laugh; I happen to know I'm not alone. As we have looked to the fruit of the Spirit as a framework for the posts on the website, I began casting around for ways to remind myself of what these attributes are that I'm supposed to be displaying everyday! Fruit of the Spirit Tree 1 Although several thoughts came to mind, I decided to create a fruit of the Spirit tree. This is a metal tree with each of the fruit of the Spirit notes attached with a magnet. I picked the tree up in Hobby Lobby, but you could use anything made of a metal that's attractive to a magnet. Hint: bring a magnet with you as you shop, as not all metals are magnetic. Now the goal oriented perfectionist in me wanted to create all the fruit tags and finish the project right away, but it has been better for me to concentrate on each attribute and come up with a visual that speaks of that fruit of the Spirit to me. For peace, I simple added a note card and wrote peace on a decorative paper (you could also use letter stickers found in the scrapbooking aisle.). The graceful droop of tulips has always seemed peaceful to me. For you it might be a picture of a cup of tea, a dove or your family. Do this for each of the fruit. Have fun with this! They can be as simple or as complicated as you like.Fruit-Tree-2-e1364591352838   A tree is a very good symbol for this project as these attributes are interconnected just like branches or vines. It is a reminder that we are to abide in Him, allowing the Holy Spirit to work in us that we might bear much fruit. This month's fruit of the Spirit is patience. What would you picture for that? Share your ideas for reminders with us!


Gena Sego Says:
April 2nd, 2013 at 8:23 am
LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing. I am going to create my own tree!


Kelly Weir Says:
April 2nd, 2013 at 12:41 pm
I love this!! I want to do one! I am not creative but I have a sweet friend who IS :) and she offered to help me! And what a great way to incorporate scriptural principles and display reminders of His truths in our home!

Carla Says:
April 2nd, 2013 at 1:36 pm
Love this idea! I think for patience I would use an acorn ... oak trees don't grow over night!

debbs H. Says:
April 2nd, 2013 at 2:24 pm
Hi Ladies! Thanks so much for your comments. You are such an encouragement! I hope if you do this project you will send us pictures. We would love to see and share your versions.
Carla, I think an acorn is a perfect symbol of patience. Thanks for the idea. I haven't hit on just the right thing yet, but you have given me some ideas of a direction.
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