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Posted by Lori Merrill on 09/28/2017


Making my home a special place for my family has always been a passion of mine. I hadn't given it much thought until I began writing and teaching the principles of the Called to be a Keeper study. Then it became so important to me for my home to reflect the beauty of God's presence. At that time in my life, many things in my home were still scarce and a couple of rooms were empty. But that wasn't where the beauty was to be and I knew that! Today I want to share with you some ways to think about what your family and others experience when they enter your home.

As you think about your home, allow yourself to ponder the state of your home using many of your senses. Although this list is not comprehensive, it should give you an overall understanding of what I am talking about.

  1. Sense of Smell

What smells hit you when you walk into your home? Every home has a particular sent. Is yours pleasant? I have two dogs so I have to really watch this. Since we live there we can’t usually tune into the scents unless we are away from it and pay attention to it when we enter our house again. Be sure to take note. Obviously, unpleasant odors will gain our attention from time to time. That is life. But what we want is a wonderful scent that is welcoming and inviting. So, whether you do this with a candle or aroma therapy is up to you, just make sure the first thing people smell, makes them want to enter (and stay)!

  1. Sounds

What is filling up your mind without you or your children being aware of it? Have you thought about how the sounds can influence the moods and actions of your little ones? Be sure to play music that is uplifting and (hopefully spiritual) for your family. Playing soothing music certainly impacts all of us. But, we can be putting truth from God’s Word into our people throughout the day just by being picky about what is playing in the background, so choose wisely! Same rule applies for when you have guests over. Choose peaceful music that calms nerves. Recently when I was getting a massage the young masseuse was playing instrumental music and I recognized them as old hymns. I think she was surprised I could tell her the name of several of the songs. It was fun to walk down memory lane, but also to be refreshed spiritually as my body was getting some much-needed refreshment too.

  1. Sight

Does your home appear to welcome others? I’m not talking about a perfectly clean house…that just isn’t reality. But, the appearance of your home can speak to your family and to others by its presentation. I am talking about the difference in chaos & clutter versus messy and lived in. There is a difference. We want our homes to run smoothly yet allow us to live and thrive there. This takes work but it can be done! Get help to get organized if necessary. While I was sick for so many years my home became very unorganized and cluttered behind doors. I have had to hire help to get it back where I want and need it to be. There are still a couple of areas in our home I am working through after almost 2 full years of health. So, remember messy and lived in is great, but chaos and clutter is not! 

  1. Sense of Well-being and Safety

This is partly an extension of sight, but also very different. I wanted our home to be a safe place for my family to come home to at the end of the day. I wanted them to KNOW that this was their safe place where they would be accepted and loved no matter what. I desired for them to feel a sense of refuge from the harsh world when they entered our home. We all need that! And ladies, let’s be honest…we can have a lot to do with this. Our mood can set the tone. So, evaluate yourself and your moods when your family arrives home. Do you greet them with joy? Or do you jump them with a to-do list right when they walk through the door? Are you angry and ready to attack regularly when they arrive home? Who wants to come home to that? Think about how you greet your family, your tone in your home on a regular basis and how you greet your guests. Consider praying before your family arrives home or before you walk through the door at the end of your day. Also, pray for your guests before they arrive too. This helps me to get my focus on God and on loving others rather than the junk I experienced that day.

There are many more things we can do to help to create a haven for our family. This is just a great place to start. If we spend a little time evaluating these things then we will be on the road to having a home that our family views as their “place they can’t wait to get to” and we will be blessed by the influence and impact our own little haven can have in the lives of others. God bless!

In His Love,

Lori Merrill 

Note: You can read even more in the Called to be a Keeper Bible study workbook where we spend a whole week’s lesson on this topic!



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