Making Your Room a Refuge

Posted by Lori Merrill & Brooke Griffin on 08/01/2017


For me, I always want Keepers Ministry and the study Called to be a Keeper to include helps for making your home a haven for your family. Decorating is great, but should never be our main, or only, focus. We should want our homes to be a reflection of Christ’s love and a place for our family and friends to gather. I want my home to be a safe place from the chaos of the day and a refuge from a harsh world. 

So, that is why I asked my daughter to post for you today. Brooke is my youngest and only daughter, and was the first of my children to marry back in June of 2015. When she moved into the house her new husband already owned she had major concerns about how to turn the “bachelor pad” into a home for the two of them. (Hopefully there will be a post for this someday soon!) However, recently she moved to a new city in a new state and went from a house to an apartment. I am so proud of how she has transformed their new little space into an inviting & cozy home. I asked her to share pictures and a little post with you about how she has done this. Enjoy!

In His Love,


Welcome to my home! This is Asher & I's first time to live in an apartment. Coming from a house to an apartment is not easy as far as space goes! I lost a lot of shelf space, seating, etc. I wanted our little abode to be as homey as it could be! I was so excited to get started and as you can see I had a blank canvas to start with. 

It was fun and a bit challenging to decide what I wanted to keep in my temporary apartment and what needed to go to storage. Especially since we rented the apartment online without seeing it in person! But, I think it all came together nicely. What do you think? 

The best part? All of it was done on a budget. The main items that fill our living room are from: TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Marshalls, and Target. I wanted the Pottery Barn look without the price tag! One of the things I try to do is to always have our home tidy and clean so that my husband, Asher, can come home after a busy day and feel relaxed and settled (whether his day was or not) without the mess or clutter. I have loved making our little Albuquerque apartment a home!

Happy Nesting,
Brooke Griffin


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