Marriage: Give Your Complaints to God

Posted by Lori Merrill on 11/16/2018

Over the years and especially when our marriage was on rocky ground, I had thoughts. Not good thoughts. They were like drumbeats that I couldn’t rid myself of its rhythm. At times they were complaints…I need more. Other times they were the strums of discontent…I deserve better. You might identify with a few: 

• He doesn’t do anything around the house.
• He doesn’t help with the children.
• He doesn’t want to spend time with us.
• He spends too much time at work.
• He doesn’t care about me.
• He is always tired.
• He isn’t our spiritual leader.

With each thought I had a choice. I could take each one to him…the one they were about. (We know how beneficial that is!) I could share them with friends or family—I had plenty that would listen. Or, I could take each and every one to HIM. The only One who can really do anything about these thoughts—God. He is the One that can really make a difference—by changing me, by changing him, or both. I think it is rare that the answer isn’t both. 

So, in spite of it sounding simplistic, it is the truth—Jesus is the answer. We all have a choice when we have thoughts and we have to trust that when we give our thoughts over to God in prayer that He truly does listen, and He works. He begins His transforming work (Romans 12:2 & Philippians 4:8). And I can honestly say, after all these years, that I am so thankful for the process as well as the results for both of us. 

Lord, remind us and give us the strength and discipline to turn every condemning thought over to You and ask You to do the work that is necessary. Amen 

In His Love,
Lori Merrill

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