My #1 Human Priority

Posted by Steph Whitley on 07/19/2019

I learned this truth as a young wife in the Called to be a Keeper Study by Lori Merrill. But if I am not careful, I can let my children and my commitments slide into that number one spot. It's not intentional. It happens subtly.

In the study, I learned some ways to keep him as my #1 priority...
-ask him how I can help him each day.
-ask him how I can pray for him each day.
-ask myself "Can I add this to my schedule and still keep him my #1 priority"?

God, most of us are juggling so many responsibilites. Help us to keep You as our number one priority and our husband as our number one human priority. Help us to evaluate our priorities often. Amen. 

If you need encouragement or tools for your marraige, consider checking out the Called to Be a Keeper Study.

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