Naked and Afraid

Posted by Lori Merrill on 04/06/2016

Yes, I am talking about the reality TV show, Naked and Afraid. For those of you who haven’t seen the show, then let’s just say that the title tells you almost everything you would need to know. The idea behind the show is to test ones survival skills—physically, emotionally and mentally. One chooses to spend 21 days outside in sometimes brutal conditions, either hot or cold climate, naked, with only one item that you can bring with you. You have a partner, someone you have never met, of the opposite sex, who chooses to take this challenge as well. You can leave at any time, and many do, but the goal is to prove to yourself and whoever is watching that you can survive in whatever extreme testing you are placed under for 21 days (cue dramatic deep voice), Naked and Afraid.

When I first heard of this TV program I thought it was another reality show trying to drum up viewers through the absence of clothes. And it probably is. However, I became really interested when my son was talking about the upcoming finale and how he has watched every episode that particular season. Now I had to find out what this show was about. Suddenly, I was one of those interested viewers but for another reason, there were no clothes and my 25 year old son was watching! No matter their age, a concerned mother I will always be! 

After watching many episodes I can now tell you exactly what draws me to this TV program. For some reason people feel compelled to go out into this new “world” for a physical, mental and emotional test. Some make it and do it very well. Some make it and don’t fair so well. Some don’t make it. They don’t make it because it is just too much for them physically, and therefore takes a mental and emotional toll on them; one they are not willing to endure, so they quit. No matter how many days these contestants stay, the viewers see  the best of people and the worst of people. This comes out through their actions and their words.

I think about this show from a spiritual perspective. How often do I go into my world unprepared for what lies ahead? How often do I expect or hope to have success for God’s kingdom that very day without preparing physically, mentally or emotionally? If I am alive to bring glory to God and become conformed to the image of His Son, and I believe I am, then why would I wake each day and go into my world Naked and Afraid?

Friends, you nor I will probably ever be on this reality TV show, but we are living a daily reality of our own. Let’s not be caught unprepared by trying to live even one day without the weapons of God’s Word and prayer.

In His Love, 

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