Our #1 Priority

Posted by Lori Merrill on 05/22/2020

We all have a deep need to connect with our Heavenly Father. And we have a responsibility to make Him our #1 priority in life. However, if you are like me, oftentimes I don’t do the very thing I know is best for me and that I need to do. Maybe these prayers will help you as they have me:
Lord, give me the strength I need to discipline myself for the purpose of godliness.
(1 Timothy 4:8)
-give me the desire to connect with You first, and the most. (Matthew 6:33)
-give me a singular focus to love You. (Mark 12:30)
-help me to not stray from You, but rather to abide with You. (John 15:1-10)
God knows our heart better than we do our own. So, why not pour out our heart to Him with complete transparency and honesty?
Praying for you today, friend. For learning more about making Him a priority, you might consider one of our Bible studies or Prayer Prompt cards located at @keepersministry.com

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