Our Husbands' Work-Life Balance

Posted by Steph Whitley on 01/23/2020

We have experienced stretches when my husband did not have good “work-life” balance. I was able to be supportive most days because I knew his heart was to have better balance and to keep his family as his top priority after God.

Some of you have husbands that struggle to have good “work-life” balance. That can be so hard for you. May God renew your strength each day and be your help and support. 

1/Remember prayer is your greatest tool for lasting change.
Pray for him to have awareness. Pray for him to have godly priorities (God/family/work). 
And do your very best not to nag.

2/Do your very best to stay away from “battle words” that put your husband on the defense:
-“You are never home.”
-“The kids never see you.”
-“You are always irritable.”

3/Do ask questions that open up his heart.
-“How are you?”
-“Are you happy?”
-“Do you feel stuck?
-“Are you fulfilled?”
-“How can I pray for you?”

If you are feeling weary about your current situation, we would love to pray for you. Comment below or message us. We have a team that prays.

Pictured is our latest resource “Prayer Prompts for our Husbands”. It’s available in the shop!

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