Parenting Principle #2—Disappointments & Failures

Posted by Lori Merrill on 04/19/2018


When I think back on my disappointments in life I recognize the goodness of God in many of those. I may not always understand, but I can rejoice in knowing He has a plan. I may still struggle through the pain, but deep down I know that God is at work to bring good out of the difficulties (Romans 8:28).

This perspective is something I will need to pray for my entire life and with each new hardship. The only way to have an eternal perspective is from an abiding trust in God & His Word. We need to teach our children the importance of these principles from a young age and remind them often of these truths. 

How can we do this?

--Share, when appropriate, the hard things we are going through so we can allow our children to hear us process them while sifting through the truths of God’s Word.
--While doing this, we must allow our children to know that we sometimes, or often, struggle too, but remind them and ourselves, that we will hold fast to His Truth!
--Use verses such as Romans 8:28 & Jeremiah 29:11 as meditation and memorization so the Holy Spirit can use these in our life as well as the life of our child. 

Difficult to do, but so necessary to our child’s growth in character, is to:

--Be cautious about rescuing them & fixing their problems in every situation (especially at school). They need to learn how to manage life situations—fair or not.
--Allow them to experience the consequences of their poor choices or decisions…especially when they know better.
--Pray for the wisdom to know when we need to be involved or intervene. A mom that interferes will result in an adult who still expects Mom to come to their aid. 

Protecting our children from disappointments in life could be the worst thing we could do to stunt their maturity in character & their growth spiritually. 

As mom’s we may need to remind ourselves of these truths as much as we need to remind our children:
1. God’s plan is always good.
2. God’s plan is better than our own limited vision of a situation. 

Written by a mom like you,
Lori Merrill 

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