Parenting Principle #5 -Be a Parent Instead of a Friend

Posted by Lori Merrill on 05/17/2018


Friend, you were created in God’s perfect timing (Psalms 139:4-6). God had your purpose in mind when He created you (Jeremiah 29:11). This includes your future children. God created that child for you at the exact time that He did and God ordained you to be that child’s parent (Psalm 139:13-14). He determined who and when this child would be gifted to you (Psalm 139:16). 

He created you to be the parent of your child and not a friend to your child. Not yet anyway. If He had called you to be your child’s friend, then He would have sent you into that child’s life at a different time and in a different relationship. Our children need us to be brave enough to be their parents! 

Differences in being a parent versus a friend: 

• A friend wants to help you be cool. A parent wants to prevent you from being a fool.
• A friend wants to be accepted. A parent knows it is okay to be rejected.
• A friend can cave under peer pressure. A parent knows character is the measure.
• A friend showers with words that flatter. A parent showers with words that matter.
• A friend encourages the easy road. A parent expects you to carry your load.
• A friend wants you to have all your heart desires. A parent knows you aren’t here to build your empires.
• A friend will push you to live your life for you. A parent will push you to seek God in all that you do.

Friends, there will be a time in your child’s life, and in yours, when your relationship can transition from parent to coach and then to friendship. What a sweet time of life this can be. So, in this time as they are growing and maturing they need you to parent them. 

In fact, I believe that you will become better friends if you have been a parent they can trust to guide them instead of a buddy through life that desires to make life easier for them. Have resolve and stand firm! Then you will reap the benefits of first being a parent and then eventually a friend.

In His Love,

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