Parenting: Providing a Safe Haven

Posted by Lori Merrill on 09/18/2018

One thing that was very important to me as my family was growing was for my children to love being in our home. All of us need a special place to feel safe and secure, but children especially need this. I wanted our home to be a haven from the harsh world. I desired and prayed a lot about how to make our home a refuge for them. Maybe you have as well. Here are some questions that might be helpful as we consider our surroundings:

• Is there peace within the walls of our home?
• Is there joy residing here?
• Do we encourage dialogue and open communication?
• Do we acknowledge one another’s presence?
• Do we say, “I love you” throughout our days?
• Do they feel accepted for who they are rather than for what they do?
• Are we laughing enough?
• Do we have healthy boundaries?

If we, as their mothers and as parents, can offer this (not perfectly) as more the norm rather than the occasion then we have done a great service to our family and to our Lord.

Father God, Please help me to fill our home with love more than things. May our home be filled with Your presence so my children have a sense of the refuge you provide as they grow to know You more and more. Amen.

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