Parenting: Strong-Willed Children

Posted by Steph Whitley on 10/01/2018

It's rainy weather here in the desert so I am pulling my flannels out. : )
Every so often, I feel inclined to write about parenting strong-willed kids.  
I guess it's because I know how overwhelmed & exhausting it can be to parent a strong-willed child. 
Over the years, I have had to learn different tools to parent my strong-willed child. 
I try to remember...
~to pray over myself daily to be even tempered & to stay cool, calm & collected.
~that often times strong-willed children take lots of training and shaping and they tend to learn the hard way.
~to give lots of choices throughout the day because strong-willed children like a sense of control.
~to give the consequence when to my child is not in angry state; sometimes I delay the consequence until later in the day.
~to follow through with the consequences and not give into my child's protests. If I give in, he will protest louder next time.
~to tell my child "I love you to much to argue". Let's take a time out and talk later.
~to stop expecting a quick fix or formula. Heart change can be a long term project.
~to pray that my child develops self-control, is even-tempered and slow to anger.
~to pray for a tender heart towards my child in the difficult stretches.
~God is not expecting me to parent perfectly today; He's ready to help me.
~God gave me this child because He knew I would persevere in prayer for him.
Sweet mamas, when my strong-willed child was younger, we had lots of battles. There were long and tiring days and weeks. But guess what!?! We are having fewer battles and my heart is so encouraged. So if you are in a difficult stretch, may God renew your strength and hope today.  
Hugs, Steph Whitley

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