Posted by Steph Whitley on 12/21/2020

I have a tendency to worry so I’ve had to gather a few tools to manage my anxious heart. I think the reminder that comforts me the most is that God is skilled. What I am facing is nothing new to Him. What I am facing is not too hard for Him.

Here are a few questions I use to recognize worry in my life:
1/What am I thinking about?
2/Am I replaying or rehearsing my worries?
3/Am I creating worst case scenarios?

Then I attempt to make adjustments in my thinking.
1/I can make the shift from worry mode to prayer mode by shaping my worries into prayers.
2/I can remind my heart of God’s tender care: He sees and He is working. He cares deeply.
3/ I can remind my heart of God’s power: He is strong and mighty and all powerful. Nothing is too hard for Him.
4/I can say whisper...“God, I am placing (this) into Your loving, skilled & good hands.

If you are anxious today, may God renew your strength and steady you. Keep proclaiming truth to your heart. You are loved and seen.

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