Persisting in Prayer

Posted by Steph Whitley on 12/09/2019

It’s likely that most of you are praying and trusting the Lord with something. I know I am. 

We moved over the summer and I’m praying for several things for my boys. And it can become challenging when we are persisting in prayer and we don’t see change. It’s possible to even lose sight of hope. That’s why we must constantly rehearse everything we know to be true about God. 

Here’s a few things that I whisper to my heart often...

•You are always good and always loving. 
•You know, You see, and You care.
•You look down on Your people with compassion. 
•You are always working and orchestrating. 
•You are strong and mighty and all powerful. 
•You are skilled and nothing is too hard for You. 
•You are entirely trustworthy and completely faithful and so much more. 

God, renew our strength as we wait on You. Renew our confidence in Your goodness and power once again. Exceed our expectations, Lord. Amen. 

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