Powerful Prayers for Your Husband

Posted by Lori Merrill on 11/07/2018

Years ago in a Bible study, I remember a woman speaking of the power of Colossians, chapter 1, in praying for her husband. I had never looked at this passage of Scripture in this way, but was instantly intrigued to dig deeper. 

Since that day I have returned to this letter often where I outlined specific prayers for my husband, Steve. There are times I am at a loss for words or have exhausted all efforts while interceding for him. It is at these times that I realize there are no better words to speak on his behalf than those straight from God's Word. I hope you find this as helpful as I have in giving me guidance on how and what to pray: 

~Pray he will be filled with the ability to know God's will (verse 9).
~Pray that he will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord (verse 10).
~Pray for him to continuously bear fruit in every good work (verse 10). 
~Pray for him to increase in the knowledge of God (verse 10). 
~Pray that he will be strengthened with God's power (verse 11). 
~Pray for him to give thanks with great joy to His Father (verse 12).

Lord, we thank You for the power of Your written word. Prompt us Lord, to consistently pray for our husbands, knowing that You hear and respond to our prayers. Amen. P. S. These are great prayers for our children too! 
In His Love,
Lori Merrill

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