Practicing Daily Gratitude

Posted by Steph Whitley on 02/11/2020

There is one tool that has helped me to have more joy and contentment in my life...the practice of counting thanks daily. I learned this tool in a season of struggle. 

Sometimes it’s a writing down ten things in the morning recounting the day before.
Sometimes it’s counting thanks throughout my day.
Sometimes it’s jotting down ten thanks at the end of my day.

When I make make counting thanks a daily practice, I am more aware of God’s hand in my days and I feel closer to God. And even when my circumstances don’t change, I can still have a contented heart.

What about when I am in a tough stretch? Counting thanks in the hard stretches is what keeps my head above water. When I struggle to find something to be thankful for in my circumstances, I thank God for who He is, that He is with me, that He cares, that He is working and that He is faithful. 

What about the negatives? I keep praying about the things that are difficult and I keep placing them in God’s skilled and loving hands. 

Need extra prayers for your circumstances? We have a team that prays.

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