Prayers for My Child's Mate

Posted by Steph Whitley on 09/25/2018

I am not going to lie...equipping four boys to date and possibly get married freaks me out a little. I guess it's because I know that choosing a mate is their biggest life decision. I'm trying to pray often over their mates. Want to join me in praying for your children? Even if you have a five year old, it's never too early to pray.

Here are a few prayer prompts. Feel free to share yours as well. We all can learn from one another.
~God, go before my child and handpick his/her mate.
~Give my child wisdom and discernment in dating and choosing a mate.
~Help my child to be drawn to a godly mate that has strong character and is kind.
~Help my child to listen to wisdom and not to discount any red flags.
~Let my child have one mate for life and let there be no divorce in his/her future. 
~And if it's not too much to ask, please give me favor with his/her mate. 


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