Praying for Your Child's Future Mate

Posted by Steph Whitley on 03/04/2020

I’m not sure how much I actually prayed about finding a mate when I was in college. Lucky for me, my husband and his mom were consistently praying for God to provide a mate. Ben and I “just happened” to be in the same psychology class. And well, the rest is history. 

We have four teenage boys and we are attempting to plant seeds of wisdom and to pray consistently for their possible mates. It’s one of their biggest life decisions. And since I am a “boy mom” I find no shame in praying for favor with their mate. Ha! 

God, handpick a mate for our children. Guide our children in finding a mate. Give them wisdom, discernment and clarity. And help them not to discount any red flags. Amen. 

A few red flags: the relationship is mentally exhausting, the relationship lacks clarity, your friends are cringing instead of rejoicing with you. (Taken from Mingling of Souls)

Photo pictured is our prayer card for moms with daily prayer prompts. It’s available in our shop.

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