Praying Over Yourself

Posted by Steph Whitley on 10/23/2019

This is a prayer that I whisper often. In other words, I keep it on repeat throughout the day; when I wake in the morning, before I pick the boys up from school, and in the midst of crazy homework.

My days are full and sometimes hectic and if I am not careful I can get a little grouchy or irritable with my people. And there are times when I can react more than I would like. This prayer helps me to stay in responder mode. 

God, You want us to go through our days leaning into You for strength. Help us to remember to pray over ourselves often so that we can be kind to our people. And if we blow it, help us to come to You and then begin again with gentleness. Amen.

This photo is from our Daily Grace Devo for Moms available in the shop. 

Hugs everyone, Steph

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