Quarantine Questions

Posted by Steph Whitley on 05/07/2020
We are having dinner together a lot but that doesn’t mean we are having great conversations. I used my family as the “guinea pig” on these questions. My favorite question was probably “Who would you NOT want to be in quarantine with”? We all had a good laugh. You can print these 15 questions by clicking on this link https://www.keepersministry.com/sites/keepers/uploads/Fifteen_Quarantine_Questions.pdf These questions can also be used for small groups. 💛🤍💛

Here are the questions:
1/Describe your perfect day.
2/What is the hardest part of quarantine for you?
3/What has been one positive for you during this time.
4/Who do you miss the most?
5/If you could pick one friend to be quarantined with, who would you pick?
6/Do you find yourself worrying about anything?
7/What helps you to relieve stress the most?
8/What is one thing you have learned about yourself during this time?
9/Who is one person you would not want to be quarantined with?
10/What has been your favorite meal during quarantine?
11/If you could pick a spot to be quarantined, where would you pick?
12/What’s your favorite part of the day?
13/Have you learned anything new about yourself?
14/How would you describe your relationship with God for this season?
15/What do you look forward to the most after quarantine?

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