Recommendations for Getting Through Tough Times

Posted by Lori Merrill on 06/15/2017


Have you ever been in a place that is so painful, unknown, anxiety ridden, or just pure fear-filled that you cling upon every word that provides hope? Or maybe you were all the above at once and desperately needed to hear from God. Then, when just the right word was spoken or read it felt like it was God Himself speaking to you. That was how I felt (and why I can describe it so well) when I came across these two books, You’ll Get Through This and God Will Use This for Good.

I remember being somewhere over the Midwestern states on my flight to the Mayo Clinic when these treasures ended way too soon for my liking. After having 3 years filled with symptoms that made no sense to me or to any of the doctors I had sought for help, I felt like I had hope for possible solutions for the first time in a long time. I was grateful and thankful for these carefully chosen words written by Max Lucado. It was truly like having a bucket of water poured over me while I am wilting in the Oklahoma August sun. True refreshment! It was spiritual refreshment for my heart, my mind and my emotions as well as altering my perspective, too. 

So, if you or someone you know is going through a difficult time then I encourage you to read these or pass them on to be read. You’ll Get Through This is a book with questions for reflection in the back. Max’s writing brought me to a place of recognition of God’s sovereignty and being comforted by the knowledge that He would be with me through each step of the journey I was on. God Will Use This for Good is a small booklet that is much like a mini version of the other book, but please don’t miss this booklet! Too good to pass by…if you have to choose one then choose the book! Both are excellent for the dark times and both left me wanting more, while giving me a lift in my spirit. 

Blessings & Happy Reading,

P.S.-Did you watch Lori's "Perseverance through Trials" video series? Lori teaches on topics like: How does Scripture say we should respond to trials? How do we handle difficulties? Suffering? Times of questioning? Watch as Lori shares 4 video lessons (each under 4 minutes) from James Chapter 1 on a topic that we will all encounter. Click here to watch all the video lessons.




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