Responding With Grace

Posted by Steph Whitley on 02/26/2020

I can be more reactive when I am hurrying and scurrying through my day with little to no margin.
Or when I am focused on my tasks and I don’t want to pause for interruptions.
Being a mama of four, I’ve had to learn how to pray over myself so that I can be more of a responder and less of a reactor. I’ll share the prayers I use and you can also pray these over someone that tends to be a reactor. 

God, help me to put on gentleness, kindness, humility and love to today.
Help me to be even tempered by remaining cool, calm, and collected.
Help me to be careful with my words and not careless. 
Help me to intentionally carve out margin so that I can give my people my best version.
And if I lose my way, help me to take responsibility and begin again with gentleness. 

Our Mom’s Devo has 55 short devotionals similar to this and it’s available

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