Posted by Lori Merrill on 10/29/2018

SHAME...the enemy loves to use it because it is so easily accessible. Many of us keep a file full of shame which allows him to open the drawer at any time and make his choice. 

S. Steals our joy by preventing us from experiencing the freedom we have in Christ.
H. Hurts our relationships because we can’t be transparent for fear someone will really know us. 
A. Anchors us to the oppression and heaviness of sin.
M. Mars our beauty because we see ourselves through faulty eyes.
E. Empties us of our purpose because we think we can’t be used by God. 

The enemy of our souls uses shame to condemn, so we stay his prisoner…handcuffed to his whims, silenced of glory for God. And if, by God’s grace, we begin to feel brave enough to step out into the arena of vulnerability, the liar will quickly bring that incident, those sins, to the forefront of our mind to keep us caged—right where he wants us. 

God sacrificed His Son so there would be no shame. Jesus died on the cross so the shame was His, not ours. You see, God never meant for us to carry it. Jesus carried that shame once for all and all for us. (1 Peter 3:18)

What shame are you carrying? Lay it at the cross today, right now. For it is at the cross it belongs…where Jesus said, “It is finished.” Because, my friend, it truly was finished that very moment. So, why would you give it life again? (John 19:30) May God give us the strength we need to recognize any hidden shame in our lives. Amen 

In His Love,

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