She Does Him Good and Not Harm All the Days of Her Life

Posted by Lori Merrill on 02/06/2018


She does him good and not harm all the days of her life. Proverbs 31:12

For many years this could not have been said of me. I was often negative about my husband; if not in public, then certainly privately towards him, or at least in my mind. I’m sure I belittled him also by making him the “butt” of a few jokes. And no doubt, I embarrassed him when I was a young wife, whether intentionally or not. These are all examples of doing our husbands harm or as the NASB version states, “evil” instead of good. 

I learned in my study of Proverbs 31 several things from this one verse. I can counteract the negatives by actively and purposely thinking of good to do towards and for my husband.

Here are a few of the lists I have written in my Bible beside this verse: 

• I can praise him.
• I can encourage him.
• I can support him in his accomplishments.
• I can be his helper in life. 

It is amazing what an impact we can have on and make in our husband’s life.

And one last point: Take note of the last six words of this verse, "…all the days of her life". I often tell women that we can’t do this just on the days we “feel” like it.

Submitting our lives to God means that we will do these things even when we don’t feel like it. Such as the days we have PMS, are tired, and have a full list of “To-do’s”. 

God, help us to love our husband with intent, being aware of the harm we can do to our marriage and to him when we don’t. Amen.

In His Love,

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