Sibling Relationships

Posted by Steph Whitley on 01/17/2020

I have four boys and over Christmas break my college kid came home. He goes to school over 15 hours away so months pass before we see him. This is a pic of them playing football over the break. 

When the boys were younger, I prayed for their relationships and I prayed for peace amongst them. To be honest, I think part of that prayer was for my sanity. Ha!

And now that they are older, I want them to stay close so my prayers have changed a bit. Here’s what I am praying...

-help them to be lifelong friends.
-help them to be intentional about connecting and staying in touch. 
-give them common ground and interests.
-help them to be quick to offer grace to one another.
-and help them to settle their differences quickly. 

Maybe you need prayer for your children or even your siblings? Comment below. We have a team that prays.

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