Speaking Truth Over Our Children

Posted by Lori Merrill on 11/15/2019

We all need to know that we were uniquely created and our Creator sees us as His beautiful child. He formed each of us with gifts and talents that have an intended purpose in this world. And He loves us so very much. 

If I could have a do-over in raising my children, these are the words that I would consistently speak to them. BUT, I would remind them of how very important it is to never forget Who we serve, Who we give thanks to and Who we glorify with what He has given us. 

Also, I would demonstrate, through audible prayer, how grateful I am for how He created us, as well as ask Him to help us steward it well. 

You see, gifts & talents look different for each individual and beauty is not only outward. And to be loved...awe, the greatest gift of all—from our Father to us, through His Son. These are the blessings I would want to communicate clearly and often, so my children never forget to point all blessings back to the One who bestowed them upon us. 

Hope this helps your Momma heart from someone that often has thoughts of, “Wished I had known, but so thankful for His grace”!

Our Called to be a Keeper Bible study and Daily Grace study both have lots of parenting tools! 

In His Love,
Lori Merrill

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