Sticky Notes for A Child's Heart Vol. 2

Posted by Steph Whitley on 01/09/2019

My four boys are ages 18,15, 13, and 11. Our lives are busy and I wanted to find a way to remind them about God. So each week, I simply write a truth on a sticky note or note card and place it by their bedside. Some of my friends have displayed these truths on chalkboards in their kitchens or launching areas. 

Sticky notes...
1. God is our ever-present help.
2. God is always at work in our lives.
3. God is good at being God.  
4. God is looking for dependence on Him.
5. God is worthy of our trust 100 % of the time.
6. God is all knowing and always knows best.
7. God is strong, mighty and all powerful.
8. God blesses those who promote peace.
9. God is close to the humble and opposes the proud.
10. God is at work even in our disappointments.
11. God does not waste our pain. He can use all things.
12. God does not grow tired or weary of us. 

*Vol 1 was published on Aug 15. It's on our FB and Instagram page.

Hugs to all of you sweet mamas. May we keep planting seeds about Christ. Steph Whitley #calledtobeakeeper

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