Sweet Mom: God Sees You

Posted by Steph Whitley on 10/17/2018

My oldest will be going to college next Fall. I know I'll be cheering him on and missing him like crazy all at the same time. Whatever stage of motherhood you are in, sweet mom...

~God sees you & the sleepless nights...whether it's getting up with an infant or fretting over a teenager.
~God sees you tending to the needs of your children day in and day out.
~God sees you taking care of your home and all of the endless chores.
~God sees you coming alongside of your children and cheering them on.
~God sees you pouring on love even when you don't feel like it.
~God sees you training hearts and minds to do good in this world.
~God sees you worrying, praying and then worrying some more.
~God sees you attempting to prepare them for this world and prayerfully letting them go a little more each year.

Sweet mom, you are so loved. And on the days when your job feels ordinary or mundane, remind your heart once again that motherhood is a high calling and you are doing "kingdom work." Hugs, Steph Whitley.

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