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Aligning Our Schedule with God's Will

Aligning Our Schedule with God's Will
I have been that girl that’s overextended-overcommitted-not enough margin-not giving my family my best version. Over time, I have learned to pray over my schedule. I ask the Lord, “Is there any commitment I should let go of for this season”? And then I watch for His guidance and direction. Read More

Surgery Today

You might be reading this early on January 15, 2014 and I may not be in surgery yet. Or maybe you will open it and read it while the surgery is happening. No matter what time you read it I hope you will pray. Read More

This Little Bird Flew from the Nest

For almost an hour I watched this little guy try to find his way home; back into the safety of his parent's nest. It was while I watered one of my hanging plants that I unintentionally disrupted his morning. He flew right over my head and into our pool. After rescuing him from the pool he hopped into some plants around our fish pond and then hid there until his parents called him out. Read More

Lily Pads and Pain

I never knew Lily pads produced blooms. So imagine my surprise when I saw this beautful flower a few weeks after I put this plant in my pond. Funny thing is it opens when it is sunny and then closes again when the sun goes down. Read More

Struggling to Trust Him?

This week I had to take radical action and do some radical praying. I felt like I was losing the battle this week. What battle, you say the battle that goes on within me and tries to overtake me and keeps me from focusing on Him as my Sovereign God. It is a battle with discouragement and disappointment and for some reason it has come on with a vengeance since early May. Read More


Graduation. I haven't ever thought about that particular word. This morning it hit me though. 'Graduation' time comes 'Gradually'. Thank Goodness. Or shall I say, "Thank You God for giving us time to invest and prepare for waht the future holds." Isn't that the scary part though? What does it hold for the graduate that is your child, my child? Read More
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