Take Heart

Posted by Steph Whitley on 04/05/2019


Last Spring, my husband and I really thought things were lining up for us to move back to our home state (Oklahoma). We prepared our home to sell and prepared our children's hearts for the move. And at the last minute, the door shut. We were a little confused and a little disappointed to say the least. I remember the day my husband called to tell me and I just kept whispering to my heart "I trust You, God". And several months later, we can see glimpses of why that door closed

Maybe you have been in a situation when you weren't sure what God was doing or maybe you are walking there now? In times like this, it helps me to remember... 

-God is always at work even when we can't see it.
-God is completely worthy of our trust even when we don't understand.
-God is capable of bringing good from our trials even when things seem hopeless.

God, help us to keep placing our trust in You again and again. Amen.
Take heart sweet friend. You are so loved. Hugs, Steph.

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