The Giving Tray

Posted by Steph Whitley on 11/15/2016


This gift idea was shared at our first Keeper’s Conference by Irene Delano.  Irene shared with us how to assemble a “giving tray” for our friends or neighbors.  This gift idea would also be great for taking with a holiday meal.  Simply buy a tray and gather items such as paper plates, paper cups, napkins, plastic utensils, a banner, muffins, a sweet treat, or etc.  After filling the tray, write a little note encouraging the recipient to gather items for the tray and pass it along when the opportunity arises. 

If you would like additional gift ideas for the holiday season, check out our website or find us on Instagram and Pinterest. 

Post your experiences below as you share the giving tray with others!


Steph Whitley






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