The "not-so-great" Stretches

Posted by Steph Whitley on 12/02/2019

Maybe you are in a great stretch with your marriage or maybe you are in a not-so-great stretch. Over the years, I’ve noted that the feelings of love can come and go. And prayer is our greatest tool to make our hearts tender once again. 

5 prayers for the not-so-great stretches.....
1: God give us tender hearts towards one another. 
2: Pour Your love into me, my spouse and my marriage. 
3: Give us tools and a willing spirit to fight for our marriage. 
4: Help us to communicate with one another with kindness & respect. 
5: Help us to work through our differences peacefully. 

And if you need to...find a godly counselor or find a godly couple who can invest in your marriage.

If you need extra prayers for your marriage, comment below. 

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