Three Minute Thursday: Misty Hall Video

Posted by Lori Merrill & Misty Hall on 04/05/2018


Our sweet friend, Misty Hall, shared this testimony at our most recent Keepers Conference. Misty's husband, Shane, went to be with the Lord in February of this year. Shane and Misty have been friends to the ministry in many ways because of the impact the Bible study had on their lives.

Misty recently shared with me personally how she is so thankful for the principles she learned in the Called to be a Keeper  Bible study early in her marriage. Because of this she can say that she has no regrets for her marriage or for how she was able to serve her husband during their incredibly difficult journey those four years of Shane's illness.

Although this video was taped almost 1 1/2 years ago, Shane & Misty were in the midst of their illness battle during this time.

May you be blessed as you listen to this brief testimony. 

In His Love,


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** You can read more about the Called to be a Keeper Bible study in our Keepers Shop.



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Shirley Says:
April 6th, 2018 at 8:17 am
Misty inspires me n I hope we here lots from her in our future
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