Time to Recharge

Posted by Steph Whitley on 06/30/2020
We have experienced quarantine and now it’s summer. It’s been a long stretch of being home with my people. Keeping four teen boys fed is a a little busy! Ha! It’s a privilege and honor to take care of my family. But I’m realizing I’m not doing a great job of taking time for myself to recharge consistently. I need to carve out some time for myself each week whether it’s reading a book, snapping some photos in nature or strolling through Target or Home Goods. Some of you are extroverts and you recharge by being with people. I bet that has been a little tricky to navigate during this season.

How are you feeling? Are you taking time for yourself on a regular basis? What do you like to do to recharge? I did a poll on Instagram and 79% of you shared that you are struggling to take time. Attempt to schedule some time to recharge this week. (I know most of us aren’t living by a schedule these days, but try to schedule it.... it’s more likely to happen)

And this I know to be true...when I take time to recharge, I give my family a better version of me. God, help me to schedule time to recharge this week. Amen.

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