Tip For Empty Nesters!

Posted by Lori Merrill on 02/28/2020

It is so easy to become friends with your children’s friends’ parents. And you should, because it can be so much fun. However, what happens when your children leave home for college or when they get married? Will these people be the people that you would choose to remain friends with, or are your children the only commonality that you have with them?

It is so important for your marriage and your social life to have friends that the two of you really enjoy. These should be people who are your friends because of how much YOU have in common with them. This can take work. So I give this tip to younger women who still have children at home—Work at developing your friendships before your children leave home. If you do it this way then you won’t feel as if your friends left you when your children left home! It makes the transition so much easier. 
I pray you will tuck this away as a tiny bit of friend advice and you will be purposeful to work on it. Friends are such an important part of our lives and are a gift from God. I thank God for the gift of friendship. If you need prayer about this area of your life please let us know. We will pray for you.

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