Tools for Contentment

Posted by Steph Whitley on 11/09/2018

On Monday, I mentioned that we moved to the desert 8 years ago. That first year was tough and I struggled with discontentment. 
I started dwelling on all of my negatives...I was not connected, my children didn't have friends, one of my children was struggling, we didn’t have a church home and we were away from family just to name a few.
During this time, the Lord taught me how to fight for a contented heart.
I simply made a list of the positives in my life and a list of the negatives.
And then I attempted to KEEP GIVING the negatives to the Lord and to KEEP DWELLING on the postives. 
Two cool things happened:
1) My heart changed before my circumstances did. 
2) The Lord took care of most of the negatives on my list in His timing.
And if I am honest, there are still times when I can struggle with discontentment. But now, I know how to fight for a contented heart. : )
Hugs to you all, Steph Whitley

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