Tools for the Sticky Days of Marriage

Posted by Steph Whitley on 10/31/2018

My husband and I are the best of friends but some days we collide. And if I'm not careful, I can let my mind go down a negative trail...I can start dwelling on his flaws.
I have learned a few tools to navigate the "sticky days". 
1. If we are having a tough day, I may not feel like praying. But I try to whisper "God, help me to keep a tender heart today and help us to get to peace today".
2. I have to "do battle" with my thoughts. If the enemy starts reminding me of my husband's flaws, I like to remind my heart of his strengths by jotting them down on a piece of paper.
3. Sometimes I need to clear my head so I turn the music on really loud or go for a run. Hey, sometimes this works. : )
4. Hopefully by the end of the day...
~I can surrender my need to be right.
~I can surrender my need to win.
~I can surrender and ask "God, show me if I need to change anything.
~I can surrender and leave any changing in mate to God.
5. Now this is a tough one...but sometimes when we are struggling, it's because I have begun to focus solely on my needs and wants. Just recognizing this tendency can help me make the shift to focusing more on my husband and not just myself. 

God, when we encounter challenging days in marriage, and we will, help us to keep tender hearts and help us to get to peace. Amen. Hugs to you all, Steph Whitley #calledtobeakeeper

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