Transformation through the Priorities in God's Word

Posted by Leigh Ann Hudson on 08/03/2016


  • Do you have a clear outline and understanding of your priorities from a Scriptural perspective?
  • How does your schedule reflect these priorities?
  • How does your investment of time and energy display your Christian beliefs?
  • How does all of this impact our spouses, children, friends, parents, co-workers, and local church?
  • Lastly, do know where and how to find answers to these questions?

Keepers’ has an app for that! Well, maybe not an app, but we do have a Bible study (with lots of practical APP-lication) for that!

 “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matt 6:33

The Called to be a Keeper Bible study examines the topics above in-depth by focusing on Proverbs 31:10-31 and Titus 2:3-5. This study teaches women about the incredible call that our Sovereign Father has given each and every woman. God's Word is our strong foundation providing us with truth, purpose, priorities, and guidance.

As you are planning your fall schedule, where else can you invest only hours a week (for 9 weeks) that God can use to transform your life, and in turn, positively impact the lives of those around you?

For those of you who have already taken the Keeper study, this is a wonderful time for you to lead the Bible study in your home or start one at your church. A CTBAK Ministry Manual with Discussion Guide provides key information you need to know to begin and launch a successful Called to be a Keeper Bible study.

Plus, these are truths ALL of us need to be reminded of to keep them at the forefront of our minds and schedules. I’ve personally taken the study 3 different times and God always reveals more insights to me each time.

It can be done alone, but the experience is so much richer when you participate in a group with other ladies. Many cherished friendships are often developed that last long after the actual study is completed.

  • Now is the time to SCHEDULE time in God’s word.
  • Now is the time to CHOOSE a fall Bible study.
  • Now is the time to LEARN about our purpose and priorities as women.
  • Now is the time to ENGAGE & SERVE with other ladies in community.
  • Just as Lori says, It is especially important right now to make some big decisions before your schedule is determined for you. You must make a plan, so you manage your schedule instead of it controlling you!”

You can purchase the Called to be a Keeper Bible study, CTBAK Ministry Manual, Jesus, Our Perfect Example, Little Keepers: Curriculum for Girls and their Moms! and tickets for our Keepers Conference 2016 in our Keepers Shop.

May we all be diligent to obediently pursue spiritual priorities, so that our relationship with God and others flourish as we are transformed through His Word.

Exalting Him,

Leigh Ann

*Our Keepers Conference on October 15th is a wonderful way to learn even more about Scriptural priorities and how to apply them to our daily lives. Our early-bird registration price ends August 15th, so invite your small groups, friends and family. Read more details on our Conference Page.

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